‘Til The End Of The Age

I wrote this about three months ago, completely spur of the moment. I just starting writing and couldn’t seem to be able to stop. That’s rare, people. I’d like to turn it into a song. Someway. Somehow. But for now, I’ll leave it here….

Every nation, every heart

Every ear will hear the start 

Of the sound of all creation

Singing each and every part

Of a holy melody

Generations on their knees

Believing unseen things 

In humble reverence of the One

Who had sent to us His Son 

Down from Heaven, He had come

To reveal to us the glory

And the power of His love

From a virgin’s holy birth

Came to break down every curse 

Every sin upon his shoulders

For the sake of all the earth

He was beaten, left for dead 

With a crown upon His head 

On a cross, a final breathe said 

It it finished, it is done

And a new life has begun 

See the scars that mar the Son 

From the precious blood of Jesus 

Shed for each and every one 

Every daughter, every son,

Know that freedom has been won      

Feel the Spirit moving in and through  

The words upon your tongue

Oh, the beauty of His face 

And the majesty of grace, 

At the right hand of Father 

Where the Lamb has taken place 

Truth and justice now will reign 

Over sin and over shame! 

His power now made perfect 

Turning weakness into strength! 

When I finally end my race

And arrive at Heaven’s gates, 

I will join the cloud of witnesses

In praises to the Name 

Above every other Name! 

Singing “Jesus Christ the same,

Yesterday, today, forevermore” 

And there You will remain! 

It is finished

It is finished

Victory belongs to Jesus! 

It is finished

It is finished

In Your Name, it is done!

And you have said . . . 

I will be with you

I will be with you

‘Till the end of the age

‘Til the end of the age!

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