I wrote a potential hymn/poem. Though they are often overlooked, I think hymns are the most beautiful works of art. I became inspired and wrote this today. Amateur hour, I know…but I loved every minute of it. So…ya, here it is.

“The Majesty Of Jesus”

“No eye has seen, 

No ear has heard, 

No mind has ever known 

The beauty of Your glory  

There, on heaven’s throne. 

By faith alone I come to You 

With praises on my lips, 

Believing what I cannot see

In humble reverence. 

The cross that held the anguish 

Of sin and shame that shed 

The precious blood of Jesus 

Who saved me by His hand 

Is lifting me upon my feet 

And holding up my head. 

Death could never keep me

But has brought me life instead. 

The majesty of Jesus, 

Of The Father and The Son 

Will hold me there in paradise 

When life on earth done. 

No eye has seen 

No ear had heard 

No mind has ever known 

The majesty of Jesus 

There, on heaven’s throne.”

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