I’m Working On My Backwards Walk.


Just a thought….

My mom was right. Life moves fast. One moment, everything is one way. The next moment, it’s on to something else.

It’s hard to accept the things you can’t change but we were never meant to stay bound to our past. I’m so grateful God has designed us for growth. Whether we are growing closer or further from God, we are always growing, learning, and adapting. I desire for this growth to be positive and beneficial, of course. Anything negative always stems from my poor decisions. There aren’t many things I can control but I know I can choose to live a life led by Jesus. This is the only decision. I can’t seem to find another lifestyle which makes sense. I’ve tried….not for belief another religion or anything, but to run my life by myself. This consistently fails me. It is only when I run back to God that I find purpose.

I want to be quick to let the past stay in its place, no matter how painful moving forward can. I constantly have to remind myself, “Don’t live in the past. Don’t long for another time.”  Every day is a new day; another opportunity to die to self, a new opportunity for growth in Jesus.

Let the past stay in it’s place and let Jesus guide the rest.


“Let that be enough.”



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